Women’s Thoughts on Male Penis Size

Admit it or not, we’ve always been bothered or bombarded with questions on penis size for a long time. Who or what else is there to blame? Films and TV series like “The Sweetest Thing” and Sex and the City” all show women characters who leave their men because of one obvious reason– a small penis. Even pharmaceutical companies and health and medical retail outlets are incessantly introducing sexual enhancers and penis enlargement tools to help men with their penis size problems. But of course, men who avail or are still thinking of getting these products also wonder: does the size of the penis really matter to women?

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With male enhancement pictures before and after, you know exactly how you can enlarge your penis size. First, Let’s look at two points regarding the penis size issue from the female perspective. One side, in particular, includes those who hate size queens, people who care or “pretend” to care about penis size, and those who don’t believe that penis size matters. For these women, size queens only “pretend” to care about the penis size issue to feel dominant; since women feel secondary to men, some feminists take advantage of this penis issue to feel a sort of power over men. Moreover, some women view the penis size issue as that of a male obsession because of the scientific fact that the women’s most sensitive sexual nerves are located around the vagina’s opening so there is really no need for a longer penis when the pleasure nerves are just around the opening area. Others, meanwhile, simply say that penis size isn’t a factor that affects men’s personalities.

Logically speaking, a longer penis is more able to have an erection than a shorter one. If the penis is not able to erect during intercourse, then dissatisfaction would definitely arise, which can lead to further complications in the sexual relationship. Another related notion is that having a longer penis usually means having a desirable girth, which means more friction and pleasure for the women during sex.

But aside from the demands of women for their partners to have larger penises, some women really have their own opinions based on the behavior and view of men. Most also feel the necessity to consider a penis enlargement process. Even today, men consider long and large penises as trophies worth boasting of and adulating over. In such case, inevitably, someone who’s not as well-endowed as the others often feels insecure and inferior. Arguably, the large penis ideal has become part of male culture because it adds up to their masculinity. There are many men, both young and old, who often think that they lose sense of masculinity if their penises don’t measure above the average or as expected by their peers and sexual partners.

Because of the increasing number of people who think that having a larger penis is worth all the effort, several companies have been coming up with different ways on how to help those who are not so gifted down there. For instance, penis enlargement pills are rampant in the market today, including penis pumps. Some men even undergo surgical procedures such as phalloplasty, a male organ enlargement surgery, just so that the size of their penis get the approval of many, including their women.

But for those who are not yet convinced to go all out and take drastic procedures for the penis enlargement desires, supplements that are made of natural ingredients are also available. For many men and women, going for the alternative option of supplements is deemed safer and less risky, and thus, is much more appealing.

Most women recommend those with safe and herbal contents such as VigRX Plus™ and Vimax, which is a supplement that improves the sexual performance of men. According to Dr. Michael Carter, male enhancement products like VigRX Plus™ often contain natural ingredients such as herbs from China, South America, and Europe. These herbs usually include the Hawthorn Berry, a strong antioxidant that smoothes blood circulation, the Catuaba Bark Extract, which helps relieve stress and stimulates the nervous system, and the Asian Red Ginseng, which helps cure erectile dysfunction.

Aside from the fact that they reinforce the notion that bigger is better and that they are safe, supplements like VigRX Plus™ are medically proven for their natural methods of enhancing penis size, increasing libido, and improving erection. Once a patient encounters any problem such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, he may take these supplements, aside from consulting with the doctor, so that he does not have to deal with further complications in his reproductive system. Even medical professionals and doctors take these supplements for their own penis size problems. Luke Adams, for one, noticed the positive effects of VigRX and Vimax after using it for two weeks; according to him, his penis has become larger and firmer every time it erects since he took the male enhancement pills.

Much have been said about women’s thoughts about size, but what ultimately matters most is what the method can do for the body and how it can change the individual’s sex life. So, whether men believe that women care about penis size or not, they still have to take care of their body and at the same time, make themselves happy and satisfied.

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