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Be Bold with Body Language: Flirting Your Way to Her Heart

Be Bold with Body Language: Flirting Your Way to Her Heart

Have you been in this situation: There is this woman that you have been interested in for some time now. You’ve seen her around a few times and you hope she’s noticed you, too. Now, you feel like it’s time to take things just a step further and you use your prowess in body language flirting with her.

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Come to think of it, male body language flirting is nothing new. Just like female body language flirting, both simply refers to ways in which both sexes utilize the body language of attraction to get someone they are interested in to take notice of them and hopefully, get attracted to them too.

It’s not just about being a flirt, but rather more about flirting your way to romance using several well-defined body language signs. To be successful in getting the attention and interest of the woman of your dreams, you must master the art of non-verbal communication flirting. If she reciprocates, it could lead to a romantic connection. We all crave intimacy and love, so if that happens and you’d like to increase your pleasure, you could try a product for men like VigRX Plus, which has been clinically-studied recently.

Body Language Flirting: Moves You Can Make to Get Her Interested

No, you don’t exactly have to go to take a master class in body language flirting for men. Lucky for you, there are some sure body language signs here that you can already try out the next time you see that dream woman of yours come your way. Here are some you can try out that promise to help turn the heat up for you in the romance department:

1. Make it a point to check her out, and make sure she catches you doing it. Believe it or not, there are only a few things that can get a woman as excited as the way she does when she realizes that a man is checking her out from across the room.

You want let her know that you are because you want to make it clear to her that you are interested. If she likes you back and she’s equally interested to get to know you, you might just catch her looking at you, too.

When you don’t know each other, and don’t have any mutual friends, this is one of the most effective ways to start getting your dream woman’s attention. It is rather discreet too so you two can already have a secret body language dialogue going even before you say a single word to each other.

2. Preening yourself a bit around her doesn’t hurt, too. There is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who pretends to fix himself up right in front of her. It makes her think you are giving extra effort to making sure you look extra nice around her.

So, go ahead, appear near her and pretend to fix your hair and even straighten your tie. It will not be a turn off. In fact, she may just find it cute enough to get interested in you and want to get to know you more.

3. Stare deep into her eyes and don’t be afraid to almost get lost in them. Even if you have not exactly met yet, you can still let her know you are serious about getting to know her by simply by staring into her eyes when you get the chance.

Picture this. You two are hanging out in the same bar or café. You have seen her from across the room and you have let her know you are checking her out from time to time. For her part, she doesn’t look like she is objecting to the attention you are suddenly showing her.

At some point, you try to order something from the bar. It just so happens she’s in the same spot too. You look at each other and you take the time to look at her deep in the eyes. If you can do this well, you can make an impression on her and she will not forget about you.

Remember, even if the two of you are still strangers to each other, it helps to already know how to be intimate with her by just using your eyes. Reading into this body language flirting of yours, she will know that you are interested in her without a doubt.

4. Especially when you are both in a rather big crowd, try to catch her attention by standing out a little bit. You don’t have to stand on top of table and start belting out a song, especially when you are simply incapable of carrying a tune. Sometime, standing out in the crowd simply means looking better dressed and more confident than other men around you and carrying yourself better than others.

The key to standing out enough for your dream woman to notice you is to dress to impress. Pretend that you are about to face a break or make moment and it is important that you give it your all. Be thoughtful about the way you present yourself. Make sure you are put together and that you look as dashing as possible.
If you happen to be in a sports bar, you can also possibly catch your dream woman’s attention by winning a casual game of pool or darts. Just don’t brag too much about your victory in case you win. Remember, the key is to be noticed by her only for the right reasons. Behave poorly and she will switch her attention over to another man.

When you do something to gain a woman’s full attention, just be sure not to do anything untoward to mess the moment up.

5. Go ahead and show her that you’ve got some swagger. Puff out your chest when you’re standing or moving and give your walk a little bit of attitude. In short, show her what an alpha male you can be. The whole point is to show your dream woman that you are confident. Confidence, after all, is extremely sexy. You will have her looking your way in no time. Just remember not to overdo anything. Remember, there are times when confidence can easily be mistaken for arrogance. Arrogance is usually a turn off.

6. Find every single opportunity to be closer to her. Show her that you are truly interested in her by finding ways to be as close as possible to her. Take the table next to hers at a café or the seat next to her at the bar.

Just remember to not appear like you are stalking her. Stay close to her but don’t linger there too long. You also need to learn how to give her space. The best way to approach the situation is to stay close to her for just a certain amount of time. The trick is to try to leave the place ahead of her so that she doesn’t feel like she’s being followed. This way too, she sees you just long enough to have her thinking about you when you leave.

7. When you finally get to talk to her, always make sure you keep your eyebrows raised, and that you’re always nodding and smiling her way throughout your conversation. When you finally start getting to know her intimately, remember to do these things so she always knows that you are being especially affectionate towards her. This also happens to be the best way to make her feel that she is special.

8. Whether you are the one doing the talking or you are just listening to her, lean in just a little bit closer to her. There is nothing more intimate about two people conversing with each other than when you lean in just a little bit closer. This way, you two can get lost in each other’s eyes and not be easily distracted by anything or anyone else, especially when you are out with a group of friends.

9. Tilt your head her way whenever the two of you are together. She will know that she is quite special to you when you do this. It also gives an added layer of intimacy to your newfound dynamics with each other. This also sends her the message that you want to be more than just her friend.

10. Don’t forget to use your special voice on her when the two of you are engaged in a conversation. Go ahead and give her your sexy voice. She will find that sexy, hot and attractive.

11. Don’t be afraid to show her that you’re a little nervous around her.  A woman will find it cute especially when she knows that you are normally quite a confident man. It also shows that you are quite serious about her.

12. Don’t just be a gentleman, but also be protective around your woman. This move is more than just about becoming territorial around your dream woman. It also shows her that you can provide her with protection should the situation call for it.

13. Laugh a lot and fool around a little, let loose around her. A woman needs to know that you can be yourself around her. So, go ahead and show her what you are like around your family and friends. Besides, that is exactly the side of you she is interested in getting to know more.

14. Spread your legs apart when you’re hanging out.  This lets her know that you desire for her romantically and sexually. Women typically find this hot and respond with their own sexual desires for you.

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15. Put your hands on her knee a bit when you two are talking to each other. If you have already established some intimacy in your relationship, this is a move you can do. It signifies that your relationship is already affectionate and intimate.

Use the Body Language of Men to Give Her What She Wants

You may not know it, but just about every woman wants seven common things from a man. The good news is that using the body language of men, you can show her that you have these in you. Here are some qualities most women look for in a man:

  • Fierce Loyalty – No woman wants a man who keeps looking around at other women especially when the two of you are on a date. Show her that you are fiercely loyal to her and your relationship with her.

One of the best ways to show her that your eyes are only for her and her alone is to stay focused on your woman even when another attractive girl walks by. This not only shows your devotion to her, but it also gives the impression that you are quite serious with your relationship with her.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to another woman when you two are out and about around town. It just means that you keep the conversation polite and still look back at her from time to time when you’re talking to someone else. Every once in a while, touch her, too. It lets her know that she’s still on your mind even if you’re currently conversing with someone else.

  • Care – For any woman, nothing makes her heart melt faster than showing her how much you care. Sure, you can say the words, but it doesn’t exactly mean much when you don’t do anything to make her feel that she matters a lot to you.

The good news is, little things can make a woman happy as far as showing her you care a lot about her is concerned. For starters, you can surprise by making breakfast in the morning. You can set up the table nicely and let her find you letting something sizzle in the pan when she wakes up. Another option is to prepare the breakfast and then deliver it to her in bed.

If you are not a good cook, don’t worry too much. Women also appreciate it when you simply fix them a nice cup of coffee or even get them a piece of pastry from their favorite bakery. Later in the day, you can also give her a back rub or foot rub. Women like to know that their wellbeing is important to you too.

Remember, even the simplest gestures go a long way and making your woman feel that you truly care about her. Even leaving her a simple note on a post it every day can be enough to warm her heart.

  • Compassion – For your relationship with your dream woman to last, she needs to know that you are more than capable of giving and showing love. Any woman wants her man to be someone that her family and friends would like to get to know and spend time with.

More importantly, a woman prefers a man that her friends and family can appreciate and even admire. Go ahead and talk to her about things that genuinely matter to you. If you are the type that likes to participate in a number of charitable activities, don’t hesitate to take her along with you. A woman loves to see that a man can be both caring and compassionate.

  • Understanding – If you want to stay in a committed relationship with your dream woman, you need to learn to be as understanding of her, just like the way she has become understanding of you.

If she has a demanding job, don’t nag her about what time she is coming back home. When she’s already quite stressed out at work, the last thing she needs is you complaining about how the two of you won’t be able to spend much time together. She knows that and she already feels quite awful about it. It would just be cruel if you still decide to give her a hard time.

If she tells you she’ll be late getting off work tonight, tell her not to worry and that you’ll be the one to cook or pick up dinner. A woman never forgets a sweet gesture like that. She will surely appreciate that and always remember that about you.

  • Strength – So, you’re not Superman, Captain America or whatever hunky superhero out there. It doesn’t matter. A woman simply wants someone who can show why he’s the man in the relationship so show her just how strong you can be both mentally and physically.

When the two of you are going out together and she has done some serious shopping, make it a point to always offer to carry her shopping bags for you. This is also something you should always do when the two of you are travelling and she’s got packed quite a luggage.

Aside from this, a woman also likes to be around a man who is also strong mentally. Be optimistic in life and never fall prey to self-pity no matter what your current circumstance is. A woman appreciates a man who can be her mental and physical rock when things are down.

  • Honesty – Too often, even a single lie can wreak havoc on a relationship for good. A woman appreciates a man who is honest and open with her from the beginning. If you had been married in the past and have children with your ex-wife, make sure that you disclose that to her the moment things start to get a lot more intimate between the two of you.

In the same way, if you had been battling a serious illness or are faced with a permanent condition, don’t hide it from her. Being as open and honest with your woman as much as possible goes a long way in keeping your relationship stable.

At the same time, when a woman asks you a question, don’t just answer using statements you think she would want to hear. Remember that more than anything, she appreciates the truth. If you think that a particular outfit is not quite flattering on her body, let her know that. Just don’t open up about it when you’re in public and when you do tell her, assure her that she still looks quite breathtaking in your eyes.

  • Financial Security – No, she doesn’t need you to be a millionaire or even a business tycoon. When it comes to finances though, she needs to know that you can afford to pay for your needs. A woman appreciates a man that they don’t have to take care of financially, someone who is truly financially smart and independent.

A woman knows you are financially secure when you are the one paying for your bills instead of your parents or even herself. She also takes both pride and comfort in the knowledge that you have a job that makes sure you will never go broke.

A woman also admires a man who is smart with money. Show her that you know how to save up and that you are responsible about your spending. Don’t just make impulse buys. Always make smart decisions every time you make a purchase. She may not see anything, but she is always keeping an eye on your spending habits. This is especially true when both of you are already planning a future together.

Another way to show her you are truly financially secure is to treat her to something nice once in a while. If the two of you tend to split on a bill typically, surprise her from time to time and tell her that lunch or dinner is entirely on you this time.

You can also gradually save up for something she has always wanted. Grand gestures like this don’t just tell her that you are a sweet man, it also assures her that you are financially secure to be able to treat her once a while. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. After all, it’s the gesture that matters more, so be sure to make it romantic.

If you think getting that dream woman of yours to notice you is next to impossible, think again. All you have to do is be a gentleman, be sincere, and try some serious body language flirting. Before you know it, she could be looking your way, interested and eager to get to know you a whole lot more.

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VigRX Plus Vs Vimax Pills – Which One is Better?

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