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Male Enhancement Pills vs Penis Enlargement Extenders

Despite what many women try and say to please their husbands and boyfriends, size does matter to many men. This is all the more relevant to men whose penises are smaller than the average six inches. Growing up, boys often compare themselves to their fathers, brothers and friends in changing rooms. Being smaller than average can lead to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. There are ways to enhance penis size, the most drastic of which being surgery. This article will look briefly at Male Enhancement Pills vs penis enlargement extenders to enhance penis size.

Male enhancement pills

VigRX PlusThere are a number of companies online which claim to sell miracle herbs and pills that enhance penile length. The fact is that for most of these pills, this is not the case. Clinical evidence shows that while some of the ingredients in male enhancement pills may help with erection issues, they can not cause penile growth. In fact, some of them may even be harmful to your health. Before purchasing such pills, it is advisable to research the ingredients. Better yet, only buy pills from reputable suppliers which are regulated by the health board in your country.

Penis enlargement extenders

ProExtender System productA penis enlargement extender is a stretching device which when used correctly, has been proven to help to enhance penis length. These are mechanical devices, often incorporating the use of small weighted objects which are attached to the penis. They have to be worn every day for at least six months to be effective, but with patience, satisfactory results have been noted. It is worth noting that experiments showed that these devices only worked on men with shorter than the average six inch penis. They do not work on men with larger than average penises.


If you are anxious about the size of your penis and want to increase it, the safest and most effective thing you can do is opt for Penis Enlargement Extenders rather than pills.

Safe and Effective Natural Penis Enlargements Options

Penis Enlargement refers to a number of natural procedures that can be used to increase the size and thickness of the penis. Unfortunately most of the medications already in the market have adverse negative health effects that arise later after use. One of the sure ways of achieving the desired size is by regularly engaging the various penis enlargements exercises that are medically proven to be safe. This includes Penis Size Exercises, Penis Girth Exercises, Penis Length exercises and many more.

Size GeneticsThere are also a number of affordable devices that can help to increase penis size significantly. They are very comfortable to use since they can be adjusted to improve efficiency and comfort. However one needs to ensure that the device chosen is of high quality and easy to use. It is of paramount importance to follow the safety guidelines well so as to avoid hurting yourself. Some of these devices include penis enlarger and penis stretcher.

ProExtender System productPenis enhancement devices can also help to increase length and give much stronger and firm erections. They include penis extenders, penis sleeves and cock rings which are designed to help the user have stronger and longer erections. This rings usually slide down to the base of the penis however before using a particular device it’s advisable to seek some professional advice from a health official on some of the best natural products.

Advancement in technology has also impacted the design of enlargements giving rise to the new Penis Enlargement Extenders that are easy, effective and provide less stress as compared to the pills. Other practices which can help to increase the length of the penis include regular exercising so as to lose all the excess fat along the waist which in most cases tend to make the penis smaller than it actual size.

SizeGenetics Review Of The Size Genetics Penis Extender

If you are quietly suffering about the small little boy and erectile dysfunction problem, which result in poor sexual performance, low confidence, unsatisfactory partner, premature ejaculation, low libido, then SizeGenetics is the answer for you. As you know that the size of the penis and its erection quality play the most important role in your sexual performance. Whether you were born with a small or short penis, you can change it bigger and longer one as we live on this modern science. That’s right. This advanced technology can make almost everything possible. If they can change it, so can you.

Size GeneticsYou should remember one thing, male enhancement pills don’t enlarge your penis size. They only help you get bigger and stronger erections. You will need penis extenders to enlarge and lengthen your manhood. Penis surgery is not recommended because it is too painful risky, and expensive. According to this modern science, penis surgery is retired. Men don’t need this anymore because today’s sciences developed the penis enlargement devices that can increase penis size, naturally, Size Genetics.

Size Genetics is one of the most popular penis extenders that was developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Saina. He is the world recognized plastic surgeon in male sex organs. He is the one who developed SizeGenetics device to help men from all over the world banish the no1 male fear of inadequate penis size. He recommends that you wear this penis device for at least a few hours a day for a few months. It is not cheap but very expensive. So, some men can afford to pay for it. However, you pay for what you get. Its cost is more than $250.

The Size Genetics Review tells that this penis enlargement system can help you gain up to 4 inches in length and 25% in girth. Please note that most girls are not comfortable with a penis bigger than 9 inches, please coordinate with your partner before you go on after you reached this size. Thank you and good luck!