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Everyone is afraid of permanently losing their hair. Not only is it known as one’s “crowning glory;” hair is also a source of self-esteem for most of people. Hair also protects the head naturally, from the dirt and heat of the sun. That is why when hair strands start to diminish, especially on older ones, remedies that can possibly restrain the forthcoming effects are sought.

Hair loss can take place due to many factors. As seen on, some hair loss causes include medical treatment, certain diseases or illnesses, medications’ side effects, natural aging, inadequate intake of Zinc, excess intake of vitamin A or E, and mechanical damage; perming, coloring, bleaching, using of curling iron and corn rows are some of the mechanical damages that can dry and weaken the hair. But the most common and successful factor in hair loss is dehydrotestosterone hormone or DHT. This hormone is naturally produced by a human’s body; its general purpose is to develop the traits of men such as mustache, deep voice, and large muscles. If DHT is excessively produced, it will accumulate itself in DHT receptors around hair follicles, killing both hair and hair follicles. After that hormonal attack, follicles will not be able to produce any strand of hair anymore. Women have lesser DHT than men, so that means opposite sexes do not experience the same hair loss effect. Men are more likely to go bald, while women just experience thinning of hair.

Treatments of different types can manage hair loss: surgery (such as grafting and stretching), medicine (like Minoxidil™ and Propecia™), and topical applications (such as ProFollica™ system). Although medical experts suggest surgery as the best and most effective way to re-grow hair, not all men are financially and mentally capable of undergoing so. Medicines such as Minoxidil™ and Propecia™ are also known effective hair growers. But despite their success in re-growing hair, they are still not considered advantageous for they are deemed by some to have harmful side effects –increased heart rate and impotence, to name a few. Thus, the usage of the said treatments is seen to possibly cause death to men with high blood pressure or heart attack.

Among all the treatments for hair loss, topical application is viewed as the most convenient and the most natural. One good example of it is ProFollica™ system. According to, this kind of product needs no prescription, is safe for both sexes’ use, has no harmful side effects, is easy to apply, is proven effective, and most importantly, is inexpensive compared to any other remedy.

Prescriptions, basically, are required for some medicines and supplements due to the side effects that it can render, especially if inadequately taken or used. Remedies like ProFollica™ system require no prescriptions because it only has natural formula and ingredients such as: Kigelia Afrcana Extract, which blocks the enzyme; Gingko Biloba Extract, which acts as stimulant of microcirculation in the scalp; Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract, which moisten DHT and bacteria in the scalp; Salvia Sclarea Extract, which stimulates and attaches to DHT; and Panax Ginseng Root Extract, which stimulates the scalp for hair depth increase.

The ProFollica™ system also has three products– shampoo, gel, and nutritional supplement– that give chances for hair follicles to re-grow in the most natural way. The shampoo cleans and rejuvenates the hair and scalp. It produces a foam that helps the hair follicle be cleaned easily from dirt and natural body oil substances. The gel, on the other hand, stimulates the follicles to re-grow hair and adds moisture to the hair and scalp as well. Both shampoo and gel are formulated to reduce the number of DHT produced around the hair follicles. Meanwhile, the right vitamins and minerals are supplied by the third product in the system, the nutritional supplement, ensuring the newly grown hair strands are healthier than those before.

In using the Profollica shampoo for the first few days, it is natural for a person to see lots of fallen hair after bath or while combing the hair. This must not be a source of worry. As early as three weeks of usage, number of falling hairs will reduce. Within six months, a better looking hair will surprise the product user.

To win the trust of possible buyers, new commodities such as ProFollica™ system offer a money-back guarantee. This is considered a good offer since consumers nowadays are very clever in choosing a commodity to purchase and at the same time, a lot of products claim to be the best in delivering the desired services; but when bought and tried, it appears that their claims are false after, hence leaving the consumer unsatisfied and cynical to any other product being introduced to them. When it comes to Profollica, meanwhile, if the person who purchased and used the product is not happy with the results he was told to expect after some months, he can have surely his money back.

This kind of natural products may cost from $89 up to $350. Although it is quite high in price, it does cost definitely lesser than surgeries. Plus, the advantage of using a natural product and a system at that is really worth the trouble.

If one cannot take anymore seeing his hair getting thinner and thinner, he might as well think about undergoing hair loss treatment. But he must consider a number of things before doing so. Price, convenience and efficiency are just some.

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