ProExtender System Treating Peyronie’s Disease

Treating Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease was discovered by François de la Peyronie in 1973. Defined as an uncommon erectile dysfunction, it affects one in three hundred middle-aged men today. The cause of this condition is not yet known, but it can easily be distinguished through a hard lump on the layers of upper and lower part of the penis. It can develop gradually or just bulk overnight from a usual inflammation to a hard scar.

In Peyronie’s disease, the hard lump is non-cancerous, but contains thickened erectile tissues and may affect the erection of the penis as it reduces the flexibility of the whole organ. The hard lump pressures the penis to curve and causes pain to the organ during erection. Worse, it prevents men from having an erection at all. As a result, the person carrying the disease may be deeply affected, especially with regard to his self-esteem and confidence in sexual performance.

Peyronie’s disease is not found by medical surgeons to be hereditary, although it is noted that it runs in the family. Men afflicted with the condition are usually from same families but that does not totally guarantee that the disease will reappear in every other generation. The main cause of the disease is not yet concluded by experts, but some theories are still being considered. One theory, for instance, states that accidental bumping or bending of the erected male sex organ while doing sexual intercourse may be a cause internal bleeding and rupture, without men knowing. If it is left untreated, the natural healing process of the penis itself may not be proper enough and will only develop in a hard and thickened lump. If the penis experiences a lot of trauma, meanwhile, the whole situation can result in the organ’s deformity.

As the cause still remains to be unknown, the condition and the research do not exhibit any detail yet as to how the disease should be definitely medicated. Although the penis does not return to its normal condition with regard to its length and erectile posture, some patients were noted to have improved the curving of their penis without undergoing any treatment. Surgeons suggest to wait about one to two years before performing a surgery to correct the condition. As it is considered a long time for those who already are losing their confidence and sexual drive, some resolve to undergo other methods of treatment.

One of the treatments that can help bring about improvements to Peyronie’s disease is through a use of penis enhancement device. Devices such as ProExtender™ work by fastening parts of the head and base of the penis. Then the enlargement device will exert slight pressure to stretch the whole penis. While the device exerts traction, the male sex organ’s tissue cells undergo a multiplication process. Through this production, the penis will have greater number of tissue cells to fill the member and before long, it will improve its length and posture. The most important and advantageous of all is that the enhancement device like the ProExtender™ will cause no pain and harm to the penis as it is used during none-erectile period. Plus, after just months of everyday device usage, the penile curvature will be improved.

When a patient has Peyronie’s disease, the arching of the penis can inflict trauma upon the patients because of the notion that it can affect their sex endurance and performance; these views, consequently, could be passed on to the sexual partners of the patients and affect the patients’ confidence level. However, with the right system components such as pills, the perceived diminishing endurance in sexual intercourse of men who have penile curvature could no longer be a problem. Penis enhancement systems already include pills in the package, assuring an increase in men’s sexual stamina, vigor, and performance. Usually, the pills in a penis enhancement system are all-natural supplements that bring male organ health to the optimum.

Men afflicted with Peyronie’s disease could also attain an increase in ejaculation with pills in the penis enhancement system. Volume increaser pills are known in raising the level of men’s ejaculation. As stated on, up to 500% increase in semen amount could be expected from this kind of sexual supplement. If the patients though have already improved their penile curvature, but still miss and can’t get back that feeling of pleasure being achieved through orgasm, they can also benefit from an herbal pill supplement.

Regarding the health of the penis itself, it is better for the blood to circulate in a normal way all over the organ so as to help the process of enhancement be accomplished faster. There are many traditional and modern exercises that were formulated just for penile health. Some of these exercises are readily available on the market in CDs. Penis exercise CDs are typically compilations of different types of exercises that can accommodate beginners to advanced ones. Usually, these CDs also feature tips about improving the size of the penis in a most natural way. It also features lessons on caring for penile health.

When Peyronie’s disease was first discovered, it was considered irreversible. However, as human knowledge expands and as technologies evolve, a condition which was once suspected hopeless could now be treated through surgeries and market products such as the ProExtender™ System. In this respect, we could say that the men of this generation must be really lucky to have that kind and amount of help –only for their penises.

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