Penis Enhancement Patches Versus Pills

With the growing demand for male enhancement products, medical experts have come up with several methods to meet the demand. Obviously, what men want is simply to satisfy themselves and their partners in bed and in turn, gather an elevated level of self-esteem. For them, this can be carried out with a larger size of the penis (average size does not appeal that much anymore), harder erections, increased sexual stamina, and intensified libido. Fortunately enough, there has been a wide selection for men, including penis enhancement patches and pills. However, there are a number of gents who just grab and use whatever enhancement product they can think of without thoroughly studying the formulations, effects, and use. Purchasing without researching might lead to a wrong product pick and that may mean trashing out a large sum of hard-earned money. A wise buying strategy, on the other hand, means comparing the products available in the market as in the case of penis enhancement patches and pills.

Patches and pills are both proven to be effective, having helped a lot of men with sexual problems. There is very little difference in potency between the two. Both products promise a timely ejaculation, firmer and longer penis, harder erection, intensified sexual stamina, increased libido, and all in all a better sex life. However, the most evident difference between penis enhancement patches and pills lies in their form. Patches, apparently, are a mixture of potent herbal ingredients, which are attached one at a time to a dry, clean, hairless part of the body such as the abdomen, thigh, waist, and arm. After 72 hours they are changed with another unused patch. Pills, on the other hand, are in capsule form and are taken with a tall glass of water. Once dissolved by stomach acids, they go through the liver and later the bloodstream. For better results, it is suggested that pills should be taken twice or thrice a day, depending on the pill brand.

Penis enhancement patches are also called transdermal patches, since the ingredients are absorbed by the skin and are directed to the bloodstream. Transdermal technology has been included among the most efficient drug absorption methods since there a lot of other pharmaceutical products using this particular advancement. According to, the official website of Maxiderm patches, the technology’s accuracy in dosage makes it very potent especially in penis enhancement products. Meanwhile, pills work like a regular medication; this means the body absorbs the ingredients and they pass through the blood vessels and are discharged to work in the body.

Both the penis enhancement patches and pills are packed with herbal ingredients that were scientifically studied and engineered to produce best and quick results. Evidently, makers of male enhancement patches and pills take pride in their pure organic ingredients such as Saw Palmetto Berry, Hawthorn Berry, Cuscuta Seed, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Epimedium Leaf, and Asian Red Ginseng. All these ingredients came from China, Europe, and South America and were used by ancient generations as effective aphrodisiacs and medications for sexual abnormalities such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and premature ejaculation. Now, medical professionals take advantage of these ingredients to help modern-day men with their own sexual problems. But aside from attending to sex-related concerns, the botanicals’ potency is also useful to help improve other abnormal body conditions like irregular heartbeats, high cholesterol, and weak body tissues.

Both products promise an immediate result. Realistically, penis enhancement patches pledge to deliver the effects after the initial day of usage until the succeeding weeks and months of continuous use. Same with the patches, penis enhancement pills are expected to take effect on the initial day and the penis’ performance will dramatically improve during the first, second, third month of use, and beyond.

Being herbal products, penis enhancement patches and pills promise a side effect-free condition. Users are guaranteed of no headache, dizziness, indigestion, and blurred vision. But emphasizes that since patches take advantage of the transdermal technology, there will never be an instance of an upset stomach that commonly goes with oral supplements.

Men with genital problems who are eyeing for male enhancement solutions such as patches and pills need no doctor consultation or prescription. In this aspect, the products such as Maxiderm gain an advantage; the products are said to be safe to use since they are composed of potent ancient herbal ingredients. They are done under supreme laboratory conditions, thus ensuring quality penis enhancement products.

Penis enhancement patches, like Maxiderm, are relatively cheaper with around $60 worth of monthly intake, while pills cost as high as $77 monthly. However, manufacturers of both penis enhancement products promise to give the money back of those unsatisfied users, which is thought as fair enough.

Men, nowadays, are liberated to choose the best enhancement solution that goes with their body system, lifestyle, and budget. Some men who are uncomfortable and almost forgetful of taking pills on a daily basis, opt for the more discrete penis enhancement patches such as Maxiderm. But there are some who believe in the accuracy and popularity of pills, so they make a regular purchase. In the end, the male enhancement products’ effectiveness and suitability are the deciding factors. But, whatever product men choose, their sex life improvement and partner’s satisfaction should always be taken into consideration.

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