Multiple Orgasms aren’t Just for Women

As a man you’ve probably envied women being able to come over and over again while you need a break between orgasms. The time between sex sessions can be anywhere between a minute or half an hour – every male’s different.

What if I told you that multiple orgasms are possible for you too? You don’t need to be a Tantric expert – you just need time and practice, armed with the right information. Just master breathing, kegel exercises and a bit of self control.

Many men think that orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing, but they aren’t. You can orgasm several times without ejaculating, lengthening your sexual session. So, it’s all about holding off ejaculation, which is done through a combination of breathing and kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises work by strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles, or the PC muscles. These muscles are located in the pelvic area. To find your PC muscles, while urinating stop urination mid-flow. The muscles that control this function are the PC muscles. Start by doing sets of five reps, clenching the muscle, holding it for five minutes, then releasing. Slowly work your way up to several series of ten reps. Be sure not to overextend yourself, as this will strain the muscles which does more harm than good. It may be several weeks before you start seeing results, but keep working at it. Kegels are used in two ways in aiding multiple orgasms – the first is that it strengthens the muscles. The other, and most important point, is that the moment between orgasm and ejaculation you will do a kegel, clenching the muscle to stop ejaculation.

Practice these exercises while masturbating, letting yourself go closer and closer through your orgasm then doing a kegel exercise just before you come, holding off your ejaculation. Also be very aware of your breathing. As you may already know, speeding up or slowing down your breath intensifies or diminishes sexual response. As you feel yourself coming towards orgasm, take deep steady breaths and pay careful attention to the build – where orgasm starts and where ejaculation starts. Stop stimulation just before ejaculation – you will find the line between the two.

Eventually you will be able to incorporate these exercises into sex with a partner. Now not only will the attention be on you but someone else as well, which will be distracting whereas you only had yourself to consider with no outside stimulation. Much like practicing during masturbation, you will need to start from the ground up, practicing and developing the skill over time.

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