Beta Glucan 1, 3 D Glucan

Frequently Asked Questions About Beta Glucan 1, 3 D Glucan

Q.  What is beta 1, 3 d glucan?

A.  Beta 1, 3 d glucan is the sole active ingredient in beta glucan. It is derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae).  Beta glucan is known by immunologists for its amazing immune enhancing properties.

Q. How does beta 1, 3 d glucan work?

A.  It fully activates macrophages in your body which are one of the primary defenses of the immune system.  Macrophages act like Pac Men in your body.  They trap and consume foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.  Taking beta 1, 3 d glucan every day is like having a mechanic tweak your classic model T automobile for peak performance every morning.  Beta glucan will help to give you the maximum appropriate immune response.  It, also, carefully regulates this response, avoiding (and helping your body to control) any auto-immune challenges you may have. 

Q. Why do you recommend Transfer Point’s beta 1, 3 d glucan product?  

A. After researching the popular immune strengthening supplements, I was impressed with the overwhelming scientific data and customer testimonies for Transfer Point’s beta 1, 3-d glucan.  I don’t believe there is a comparable beta glucan supplement on the market today.

Q. I am allergic to yeast . . . will taking beta 1, 3 d glucan cause an allergic reaction?

A. No.  Yeast proteins cause your allergic reactions to yeast products.  Although beta glucan are derived from baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces ceravisiae), beta 1, 3 d glucan is a pure isolate and does not contain enough yeast proteins to cause an allergic reaction..  

Q. I am concerned about over-stimulating my immune system . . . is this a possibility with beta 1, 3 d glucan?

A. No . . . only the presence of non-self (virus, bacteria, fungi cancer, parasites, etc.) cause the macrophage to become alert.  

Q. Will beta 1, 3 d glucan cause or increase an autoimmune condition?

A. Beta 1, 3 d glucan does not pose a danger for people with autoimmune problems. Considerable peer reviewed data indicates that it actually helps people’s immune systems to lessen the effects of autoimmune disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, etc.   

Q. Is beta 1, 3 d glucan safe . . . can I suffer any adverse reactions?

A. Baker’s yeast extracts have been given a G.R.A.S. Rating (Generally Regarded As Safe) Rating by the FDA.  To achieve this rating . . . a substance must have no known adversity or toxicity.  

Q. Who should take beta 1, 3 d glucan?

A. People with impaired immunity. People who are exposed to radiation from external sources such as UV or electromagnetic fields. People with poor nutrition or who consume food preservatives. People under physical or emotional stress. Athletes and those who work out extensively. People with high risk of cardiovascular disease. Animals! To help them overcome illness, stay healthy and live longer. Basically any person who wants to protect their immune system.

Q. Are there any drug reactions that occur when taken with beta 1, 3 d glucan?

A. There are no adverse effects known when beta 1, 3 d glucan is taken in conjunction with pharmacological drugs. Beta 1, 3 d glucan enhances the effect of many anti-infective drugs, cholesterol reducing drugs and chemotherapeutic agents.  Please advise your health practioner of this benefit so that your drugs can be reduced as needed.

Q. If beta 1, 3 d glucan is so wonderful . . . why haven’t I heard about it before?

A. For nearly three decades, beta 1, 3 d glucan was available only in laboratories and medical schools. To purchase 1 (one) 100-mg sample of beta 1, 3 d glucan, cost was close to $200.00 ! ! !  Unfortunately, it could not be afforded by the general public. 

Q. Are glucan from barley, oats, or other grains as effective as the beta glucan derived from bakers yeast?

A.  They have been shown to be ineffective as an immune modulator.  Only beta 1, 3 d glucan from the cell wall of baker’s yeast has been shown to have a potent effect on the immune system . . .  in an economical manner.

 Q. How much beta glucan should I take?

A.  According to the FDA, I can’t prescribe dosages.  However, after researching the benefits of high dosage beta glucans . . . I personally decided to take one 500 mg capsule for every 50 lbs of my body weight.  

Q.  How do I know that beta 1, 3 d glucan will work for me?

A.  The only way you will know is by trying beta 1, 3 d glucan for yourself. Within 3 days of consistently taking beta 1, 3 d glucan, your immune system should be enhanced and you should begin noticing the benefits.  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee which will allow you to experience these benefits for yourself with no risk. 

Q. Why should I purchase from 

A. Superior customer service is our goal.  We are here to provide you with articles and information that will help you make informed decisions about your own health choices.  Plus we offer a low price guarantee AND allow you to try the product for yourself to see if it is effective for you with our 30 day money back guarantee.  Until you are delighted with your purchase, we aren’t delighted. Our president, Dave Perkins, gained his health knowledge after facing a terminal illness where he was assessed by the medical profession as having no hope for recovery.  Facing this death sentence, every health product and supplement that he chose came from extensive research to determine the best way to invest limited time and financial resources for complete recovery.  We believe the products that we are providing on this site will enhance your health because they have proven beneficial to us.

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